Friday, June 27, 2008

"Children of Israel" Orphanage for Kids

Isn't this just the cutest picture? Eating mangos. Yum, yum...
I don't know Nora Leon and she doesn't know me. What I do know about her is she's special.
Visit her web site and read for yourself.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who are these people?

Everyday I look for new information on the great WWW for new "stuff" on Haiti. Today, I found some other people who blog about Haiti. I don't know who they are but would feel very honored to meet them.
Find Christopher Cozier
here. He said, ". I kept thinking that no one growing child could have worn that shoe long enough for it to become so worn down."

My next blog stop today is Licia she signs in her Xanga site as "No I'm not a nurse" But let me tell you, she's got more power than a nurse...she is a miracle worker!

If you are like me and need to know exactly who you can help, you will want to visit her blog. If you need a reason to say a prayer, visit her blog. If you haven't opened your heart today and given of your time or money, send it to her. She's a real person and she helps lots of real little people!
As I looked at what she wrote on her blog, it gave me a reason to look at numbers in a different way.

13-years I have lived in haiti
69-children with charts that are living in the RC
3-other children living in RC
6-adults in the RC
0-space to sleep
10-days since Lori posted (hint, hint)
52-plates of rice served today at lunch
25- dozen eggs will be eaten this week
2-children I turned away today…I am hoping they will live
15-kids on list ready to go home
2-sets of twins
8-women who wash 6 days a week for the RC
3-meals served at the RC
2-snacks served at the RC
2-gallons of oil per week
45-chicken legs per week
15-packs of hotdogs per week
8-children that are currently abandoned at the RC
1-child admitted today
1-child sent home today
4-gallons of vitamins per month
74-employees on payroll
4-days of school left for the betor boys!
9-people that sleep in my house
1-husband, brother, sister, father
30-gallons of water drank at the RC per DAY
24-times walked up and down stairs today
0-days if I have wondered if this is where I am to be
17-month on Carmelo’s adoption
7-years since he was burned
10-hours without water (again)

I will just add to her list of numbers:
11.40-10% of my daily wages which I will now send to her.