Monday, April 14, 2014

Each One Teach Twenty!

Today let us take a look at the following pictures.  
After you've pondered each one for just a moment you can read at the bottom of this post my thoughts. 

This the final picture in my post is Jackson and Tony. Both are volunteer English teachers.  They both live in Haiti.  Jackson sent me a text the other day telling me that he couldn't send me any pictures because his phone was not working. Hmmm... lots of people have phones that don't work.  However, Jackson's phone didn't work because he doesn't live in a "real house" and when it rains the water comes in and his phone got wet so it wasn't working. Nonetheless, he and Tony got on a tap tap and rode up the mountain to the orphanage where there are a whole crew of children waiting to learn English. 
I have many people ask me why it's so important for the kids to learn English and my answer is always the same.  English in Haiti is a marketable skill.  By being able to speak three languages Creole, French and English every child stands a better chance of getting a real paying job someday.  If you would like to help pay for the tap tap ride for these two volunteers please click on the donate button and send them some money.  Each ride costs about $2 American.  So for just $10 you will provide enough tap tap money for five weeks and 20 little children will learn English which will increase their chances of getting a job someday!
These are the "Future Leaders of Haiti"

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” 
― Ludwig Wittgenstein

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Each One Teach One

This is the English class that a couple of the "Future Leaders of Haiti" are now teaching.
This picture is proof that "Each on teach one" works!
It's always exciting for me to see that one of my students is now sharing the skills they've learned.
Keep up the great work guys!