Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life is an amazing fun mystery!

Wow! Life is an amazing fun mystery! I must apologize that I've been quiet for a while. My life has been a whirlwind. There's so much to report. First to update information about my Bio-Medical students. They are now "making practice" in a REAL hospital. AND the hospital is trying to make arrangements to pay the students a stipend for their time as well. I'm thankful to God every single day for the good fortune He's bestowed on my kids in Haiti. All of us remember every day that it is all for the Glory of God. We do Gods work here on earth while we wait to be with Him someday. My Bio-Medical guys are doing great! The Rotary Club who provides the education for them deserves a million blessings.

My VickisVision English students have been suffering along without me. However, they've found an Angel that shows up miraculously and spends an hour with them. She's a SPECIAL savior! Her name is Amy and I love her for being there when I could not be. My mother-in-law has been very sick and since has moved her residence to Heaven. Soon I'll be able to be with my English students.

My dear friend Annie is also making magic happen in Haiti. I hope to join her soon.

Tony Sanneh, former World Cup Soccer Player, The Sanneh Foundation & HI (Haitian Initiative) & Annie along with others are working intimately with the children in Cite Soliel to bring Tony's Soccer Program that is a combination of athletic ability and academic commitment through consistent demonstration to both.

Tony selected (18) young men 13/14 years of ages 8 months ago and monitored them through the training months. The local Haitian coaches ensured they were accountable to practice and their schooling.

However,when the passports had been verified and obtained, the package for VISA Group Interview submitted, HI was denied Group Interview. There were no appointments available until September 2013.
Annie received telephone call around May 14th asking her to step in and assist to get US Embassy to know the importance for the Group Interviews for these (18) boys.

As she is not in politics and not familiar with any persons at US Embassy, this was a task that kept leading to a dead end with the US Embassy personnel telling her "No AnnaMarie, No AnnaMarie" this is not possible at this time.

Finally, she was provided dates for June 24,25,27,28 for all 18 children.

The VISA's received final approval on June 28th!!!!!

This approval had never been provided to a team of this young age before. Thus, these boys made history with these approvals. The approvals based in part on the personal plea of each individual child when interviewed by the Chief of the Department at the Embassy. This was not a 'slam dunk' as we call a per-arranged approval. The children really had to step up, present themselves capable, hygienics, studious and fit
to travel such a distance to Minnesota for such a prestigious tournament.

When these boys boarded the International Airlines jet, they again made history for Haiti's children to follow them. Future children will look back at the photo's of them and know they were the 1st one's to open the door (like looking back at dated photo's of the first country men & women to establish Haiti) for them to explore opportunities abroad and bring home to Haiti the experience.

Now having arrived to Minnesota, played the tournament games,winning each one,they are in fact the Tournament Champions!!!!

All the while, I've been busy getting my real estate license and selling houses to make money to go to Haiti. Just for a moment take a look at this page. http://pinterest.com/vickisvision/boards/

Scroll down to the board called "Homes I'd love to sell!" I've shown two of these homes, made an offer on one and working on the offer for the second. No one need ask if God has a hand in what's going on.

We still need benefactors to support our Bio-Medical students. Please, if there is something inside of you that says help... contact me. I promise to make your money stretch farther than any human on this earth.

Until we meet... I hope you are well and doing the things that make you happy!