Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Checking in on my guys!

Blaise, today is his birthday.  October 16.  It's been my pleasure to watch him grow up.  As everyone can see by looking at him, he's all business.  Keep your eye on him! 

Benjili, is my singer.  He's been blessed with the voice of an angel. 

Elie, the guy who takes care of everything EXACTLY the way things should be taken care of.  He's the responsible guy, he's the one that no matter what you can count on him.  He's going to be a great Bio-Medical Technician.  I will guarantee what ever he fixes will be fixed right!

Jameson, or J as he's affectionately called by me (his American mama).  J is still in New York going to the university for computer science.  He's going to be very useful in Haiti when he returns home to use his skills. 

Mr. Felix I love you, you make me smile  :-)  You are SUCH a mystery. He's now in Brazil.  Now answer me this.... how does a young Haitian man get to Brazil?  I still don't know what he's doing there, but there he is! 

Jivenson. Another Bio-Medical technician with the faith of a mustard seed. If anyone is ever unsure if God is on your side, call Jivenson. 

Jhonny in the red.  Studying as usual!  He's a book worm and a Bio-Medical Technician also.  Jhonny was the first young Haitian to call me mom.  I have a really soft spot for him. 

Mackenzy.  Bio-Medical Technician.  Serious as a judge! Non-stop practicing his English skills. 

So now I've checked in on a couple of my guys. I miss them all so much.