Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cholera in Haiti, Dominican Republic and the United States

Update: Jan 2011 Cholera in Haiti as of Dec 25, 2010

Is there real hope for Haiti? The cholera outbreak has now spread across the border to the Dominican Republic as well as reached the United States. According to Tom Skinner (CDC)"This case is not unexpected and we're likely to see more imported cases of cholera in people who travel back from Haiti to the United States our medical system, as well as our water and sanitation programs, is such that we are not going to see cholera spreading in the United States the way it is in Haiti."

Haiti does not have a medical system or a water and sanitation program. It is people like Lori and Licia who are taking care of the victims in Haiti. Once again, you ask why do I write about this... because YOU can help. Don't sit there... donate. I promise your money will be spent wisely and God will bless you a thousand times over.

They need a kitchen!

Last year I wrote

to Oneida and asked them for forks and spoons and they blessed Pwoje Espwa with 1000 forks and spoons. I am now on the hunt for someone to help them build a kitchen. I know there has to be someone out there that can help. The food in the pan is like cream of wheat, it will be the main meal for all of the children for the day. As you can see the food is cooked outside under a canopy over an open fire. Would you like to help? Can you just give me a contact name? I know God is listening. Help me do His work.