Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Long Term Development

I sit here day after day contemplating how to best help my students. I've come to the realization the best way is not to ask someone to give them money, send them some clothes or even pay for the food they eat. Sure, all of those things make us feel great about ourselves and usually those things are a pretty easy sell, but they aren't really focused on what my students need most which is skills to use for long term development of themselves and their country. They need to be connected to a whole sphere of networks that are working towards productivity and change. Then need tuned into people like Teach the World Online, that teaches them free English. They need to be hooked up with Global Panel Solutions-Haiti which offers them classroom instruction on construction skills and then takes them from the classroom to the building site for hands on learning. Once they've accomplished those goals they need an introduction to entrepreneurs around the world who want to take an accomplished construction worker to the next step by providing him micro financing and personal guidance. Finally they need the support of their government to allow them to make the changes they know so well that their country needs. Then and only then will we have focused on what my students need the most - long term development of themselves and their country.

I am reaching out to those of you that can provide the support my students need. Step up to the plate, support Teach the World Online and Global Panel Solutions-Haiti. If you are a successful business person offer to take one of my students under your wing, provide them the necessary guidance that they need to become successful. If you are a member of their government, reach out to them, call them, send them a letter express your appreciation for their steadfast desire to achieve long term development of themselves and their country.
It takes a village to build a country!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let's think outside the box!

I've been saying that we need to change how the kids are taught in Haiti since I started teaching there.  They have thousands of kids from 5 to 25 who are at so many different levels. Some have never attended school, some have gone to school for a year or two or maybe only a few months.  We need to gather them up and teach them at their level regardless of their age. We need to teach vocations to the kids who are 12 and older.  Skip the well rounded education, help them get skills that they can use to get a job. If we can't teach them skills that will help them get a job... 10 years from now Haiti will be full of young adults that have never been to school and have no employable skills.  What will be left for them? Begging or thieving.  Annie and I have hatched a plan!  GPSI-Haiti is on it's way kids! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear new Haitian Government officials,

I know you probably don't care what I think but I'm going to share anyway. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm not shy with my opinions.

The way I see this... it's going to work out one of two ways and the choice will be yours.
You can follow all of your predecessors and leave your people sitting in tents and mud hovels, pocket every extra penny you can get your hands on, feed your own egos for the moment, rub shoulders with other high up muckety mucks and go to sleep at night knowing your bank accounts are growing, your visa is good and soon enough you will be able to live comfortably somewhere else in this world.


You can look into your hearts, ask for guidance from God when you say your prayers at night, stay true to your country, seek out others who truly want to see Haiti rise from the dust and turn your country around. 

One outcome will send your name down in history as just another corrupt government official, you will be cussed and dammed and a plague upon your children and grandchildren will forever haunt your family.

The second outcome will insure the world sings your praises for 500 years.  There will be statues built to commemorate your great achievements and you will go down in history as the people who accomplished what the world never thought would happen. 

The choice is yours every morning, every night, every day.  I wish you the very best and have placed my faith in you.  My students deserve a better Haiti and you have the ability to make a difference.  

God bless you and God bless Haiti.

An American mother of many Haitian students